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Birthday with Damien Rice

🙏 Inspirations:

Last Monday,

we went to Paris to see Damien Rice live in the mythic concert hall - 'Olympia'. It has been the most beautiful birthday present that I received (at least for the last couple of years). Scarly, you just nailed it.

💯 I got to discover Damien Rice

through a friend, Emilie, who asked me to play the beautiful song 'I don't want to change you' for a birthday present. It was the first time that I heard about the song and the singer (shame on me). Nevertheless, I had to perform the song a couple of days later.

🎵🎵The song is using a progression I - V - VI - VII

during the verse, a combo that is fitting me well and that I use extensively in my music. From the first second I started singing it, I felt a particular easiness and a very strong attraction towards the melody. I loved the song immediately and I am still performing it in many concerts. I discovered Damien and his repertoire afterwards in a youtube video of a live performance in Holland that you can listen to here: (this performance is 'exquisite')

🎤 There are many things that can be said about his Music

but what makes me really bubbling when I listen to Mr Rice (specially in live performances) is his ability to switch from this very sweet and melodic voice to a very strong and energetic attitude full of powerful strumming patterns and crazy vocal changes. He also uses distortion and loops which inspires me very much.

🌍 So the Paris concert was performed for a greater cause...

in the name of Amnesty International. You can indeed see written, on the picture, 'Le rêve d'Eleanor' in reference to Eleanor Roosevelt et à la déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme signée à Paris 70 ans plus tôt avec Mme Roosevelt comme présidente du comité de rédaction.

👭👬👬👫Durant le concert,

une adaptation musicale d'un des articles de la 'charte' nous fût proposée avec la participation de la chorale CANTUS DOMUS. Ces derniers nous ont aussi interprété la chanson de Damien 'It takes a lot to know a man' que vous pouvez écouter ici:

Qu'ça aille bien,


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