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Inside - Lyrics

Voici les paroles de ma chanson 'Inside' que je prendrai le temps d'expliquer en profondeur et en douceur :) dans les jours à venir. Si cela vous intéresse, ne manquer pas de suivre l'aventure également sur ma page facebook:


It took me some time to prepare

But getting ready is not fair

I left this story behind me

Because it was not meant to be

After 7 years I must say

It’s hard to find another way

To feel released you pay the price

Having your life falling apart

Verse 1 :

And you rebuild the way you can

Indeed it’s too hard to explain

You had a life a family

Where is this gone so easily

Verse 2

You think let’s take the joyful way

Get drunk and party takes away

The pain you feel when you’re alone

With your thoughts just left on your own


You look though for a better time

And you know now it doesn’t rhyme

You need to hear the voice inside

Let yourself suffer through the rhyme

Your only chance to get to grow

Is to let the light down the show

Getting wiser has a price

But nothing to buy in the lie

Chorus -variation

It’s time to look what’s in your back

Time to make peace with the past

Time to learn to step forward

Get the chance to buy a new start

Verse 3

So you decide to look inside

And start thinking about your past

Finding the peace inside your mind

The reason why you should still fight


When I dig in my memory

I can still hear this melody

The notes stayed the same exactly

But their sound makes me feel easy.

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