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Inside - Verse

The lines of this article describe the first verse of my song Inside and describe the first months after the break up.


So you rebuild the way you can

Indeed it’s too hard to explain

You had a life a family

Where is this gone so easily

You think let’s take the joyful way

Get drunk and party takes away

The pain you feel when you’re alone

With your thoughts there left on your own


We are right after the break up and the changes in my life were, at that time, quite complicated to manage, quite complicated to explain to myself. Indeed, it is a radical change… I had lost my partner, lost my apartment, lost a circle of friends, changed city… But human nature is done in such a fashion that it forces you to start thinking about what is next even though actions are quite difficult to take. So, of course you help yourself trying to get included in new circles, try to meet new people, go and party. It’s, at that time, that I started learning Salsa. A passion that will follow me for many years after. I remember though that the predominant feeling was ‘being alone’ and once again Music was there to fill the gaps. I was playing my instrument a lot and was listening to musicians who seemed, through their Music, to have carried this burden with them. I remember listening to Astor Piazzola (the Argentinian Master of Tango Music) during hours.


In this 1st verse, I start the action of recovery. The time signature - 12/8 (held by the guitar) is there to set the engine in motion. We can notice (as it was the case in the intro) that an accent is put on the 4th beat of each sentence (which you can follow in this video with the different colors). The melody sang is plaid staccato making the breathing challenging and is there to highlight the ordeal I was going through. In the perspective of an arrangement for a recording, I would like to introduce the piano like it is shown in this video in order to accentuate the 12/8 and also use a drum to highlight the 4th beat of each sentence.

Listen to the full song here

To be continued…

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