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Just another monday - FuGa (audio)

Un jour, j’ai couru après une fille dans la rue et je l’ai embrassée :)

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Lyrics :

I think it was a Monday

We were chatting away

I do not think she understood

It was a beautiful day

Oh yet another Monday

Such a beautiful day

When she asked me

Do you want to meet

I have something to explain

And then i saw her

She was looking away

I took a sit in front of her

She didn't mind me to stay

And then I asked her

What did you want to say

She looked at me

And started speaking about our Saturday

And we went our way home

She took east and me west

Opposite in our mind

But so closed to be right

It was not in our hands

Feeling so much alike

Without finding the path

Towards the common light

And now every Monday

I remember the day

When I stood in front of her

After crossing her way

I was running so fast

Saw her opposing street

Waiting sad for the light to change green

I could not imagine running away from her

Without discovering what's the taste of her lips

It was a crazy day

And I can clearly say

The kiss I gave you on that day

Blew me totally away.

Credits : Artwork, musique et paroles, enregistrement, mix, mastering @ FuGa

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