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  • Which kind of guitarist do you want to become ?

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Which kind of guitarist do you want to become ?

In this post, I introduce you to my guitar program that is tailored made in function of which guitarist you want to become and your current level.

My classes are all about acoustic guitar in which I distinguish 4 main orientations:

Tell me which one you prefer in order to adapt the program in line with your needs. I’d advise you to choose 2.

  1. Classical guitarist

  2. Pop/rock guitarist

  3. Finger style player

  4. Singer songwriter

Different programs : 

Classical guitar :

  • Spanish guitar with nylon strings that hurts less the left hand fingers when you start learning.

  • In order to play the classical technic, you will need to grow your right hand finger nails.  

  • The classical technic uses 4 fingers of the right hand in order to play the melody and the harmony at the same time.

  • We will focus on written music on scores so we will learn music theory applied to the guitar.

  • Typical tunes : Greensleeves, les jeux interdits, Pour Elise, La cathedrale...

Pop/rock guitar :

  • This technic is recommended for the singers or the people who play in a band and will accompany a lead singer or guitarist…

  • We will thus focus on chords (harmony) and the different degrees of a scale. 

  • The recommended guitar is folk guitar with iron strings and a less large fret board than the classical guitar and so smaller distance between the frets.

  • We will use, regarding the right hand, a pick or fingers in function of the song (strumming or arpeggios).

  • In the more advanced classes, we will diversify the chords learning inversions and we will use triads in order to create acoustic solos in your songs.

  • We will also see how to leave space to the lead singer or guitarist that will, in most of the cases, be the principal element of the song.

  • We will learn to read chords often written on the tabs in English A,B,C…

  • Typical tunes : Zombie, Riptide, Viva la vida, Tears in heaven....

Finger style :

  • The right hand technic for fingerstyle is similar to the one used in classical guitar (see above).

  • The guitar used will in general be the folk guitar as it will be better to do percussions on the iron strings (tapping or percussion on the body of the guitar).

  • More than in classical guitar (where everything is written on a score), we will develop together your ear in order to create your own arrangements  of the tunes that you like especially if you want to play tunes that have just been released.

  • We will indeed learn to split melody and harmony and make arrangements of both as a final result.

  • Typical tunes : Every breath you take, Dance monkey, Somebody that I used to know...

Singer songwriter :

  • This type of class is for students who want to learn to compose their own tunes and so need to  have a knowledge about the guitar technics that matches their style and creativity. Those classes can also include an introduction to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that is a software to record your own music before being mixed, edited and mastered by a sound engineer. Example : Ableton.

  • In this DAW, it is possible to record other type of instruments (Audio or MIDI). I will teach you what you need to know in order to start your home studio and use it properly.

  • Typical tunes : your own music.

Method : 

Whatever the type of guitarist that you chose, here is the method that will be applied.

  1. Where do you stand? Are you a beginner or more advanced already ?

  2. Which type of guitar do you want to play ?

  3. According to this, we'll fix together a goal regarding the pieces to learn, it's very important that you like what you play and it's in line with your level. 

  4. When the songs are chosen, a skill list will be established in order to identify the technical exercises to be done separately (right hand, left hand, harmony, melody, rhythm, music theory…)

  5. While we go ahead, you will develop an efficient learning method that allows you to put to profit each minute spent with your instrument. 

  6. Th final goal being : autonomy in your practice (no need of a teacher anymore).

Practical details :

  • The classes are given from Monday to Wednesday (13.00 – 14.00) or during the  evening (18.00 – 22.00). If this schedule does not fit you, we can exceptionally find an other solution. 

  • Prix :

    • 25€/hour in Saint Gilles

    • 25€ for 75 minutes by skype (I add 15 minutes for the time lost due to lack of proximity).

    • 5 € for travelling expenses to your place (in Brussels).

  • The places are limited as I give maw 10 hours per week. 

  • The first encounter is for free  and allows me to put a tailored program in place according to which guitarist you want to become and your level. 

  • Contact :


Students examples :

Here are the last 3 students who followed my classes on a regular basis :

Arno : After playing 4 months of guitar as a self-taught, Arno came to see me in order to improve his playing. His first song was Zombie (pop/rock guitar) after a while, he wanted to start fingerstyle. He works a lot and so improve fast. The specific point o be worked on at the moment is the precision and flexibility of the left hand especially the pinky. 


Ema : Ema has been following public academy for 2 years, she did not know if she wanted to continue playing, I gave her a first piece to play that she enjoyed very much : Shallow by Lady Gaga to be performed in finger style. The specific point o be worked on at the moment : Self confidence and abilities to work on her own when she is alone. 

Katrien : Katrien to play guitar along with singing. We started to learn the guitar that goes along with mantras (songs dedicated to meditation/relaxation). We work a lot on fingers independence and mobility of the left hand. 

Who am I ?  

I am François and my artist name is FuGa. I started playing the guitar when I was at uni where I was trained in economics. After completing the full academy program, I passed the admission exam of the Conservatoire Royal de Liège in 2012. After 1 year of learning guitar with Hughes Kolp, I passed my instrument exam of the first grade while I was working full time as a card portfolio head in Citibank. Studying and working full time being to heavy, I decided to go in another direction. I started to learn improvisation and write my own songs. In 2015 I launch the YAA project. In its first version,  I gave latin dances and guitar classes. In 2019, I decided to stop teaching to release a first EP (Reshape). In 2020, during the lock down, I restarted with YAA. 


This project was created in order to mirror my path and put forward the importance (often minimized) and the enormous power of artistic practice on our lives if we have a taste for music or another form of Art. If you feel that you need to express yourself artistically, just dare and contact me.    

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